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Jan 5, 2015

Spice Delite - A'Pieu Aurora Nail Touch RD01

The 2015 Pantone colour of the year is an earthy red shade called Marsala!

I just realised that I did do some posts for 2012 (Tangerine Tango) and 2013 (Emerald) but forgot last year (2014: Radiant Orchid), oh no! 

[Bottle to nail: A'Pieu Aurora Nail Touch RD01 (3 coats)]
Here's a shade that looks pretty close to Marsala in the bottle, but comes off a bit more sheer on the nails! This is Apieu Aurora Nail Touch RD01, a polish I picked up in South Korea during my holiday.

[3 coats: A'Pieu Aurora Nail Touch RD01]
RD01 is a red based shade as you can tell from the naming code, but on the nail it looks more of a bronzey brown. This is in part because of the dense gold/green shimmer. The pictures don't really do this polish justice - it looks practically duochrome in the bottle but somehow it just doesn't translate.

[3 coats: A'Pieu Aurora Nail Touch RD01]
Basically, it's a earthy red shimmer base with a glass fleck finish in a gold-green duochrome. You do get lots of flecks in magenta and purple as well though so it's really hard to describe! Check out the official bottle photo!
[Official photo: A'Pieu Aurora Nail Touch RD01]
I think one of the issues is that it's a bit of a sheer formula. My photos were all after three coats but it's still not completely opaque. Perhaps with a matching base underneath? Hm hm, something to think about for next time!

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  1. Its a pretty one but I guess I will pass on this for I prefer thick formulation rather than sheer ones.