; Plisherrific: Scatter Shades - Sally Hansen BLU; Red, White and Hue

Jan 26, 2015

Scatter Shades - Sally Hansen BLU; Red, White and Hue

Happy Australia Day!! Hope you're all having fun at the beach, pool and/or barbeque with friends and family!

Here's a festive manicure for today!

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen BLU (4+ coats)]
Starting off with a base of Sally Hansen BLU from the HD collection. This is an... "interesting" polish. Most people write it off as I did when I first got it... the formula is terribly sheer! What you're seeing in these photos are 4+ coats on each nail, and I don't even have long nails! Add to that the fact that dry time is fairly long for such a thin formula, it's quite a bit of trouble...

[4+ coats: Sally Hansen BLU]
You can see in my photos that it isn't fully opaque but this is less visible in person. HOWEVER, despite these drawbacks (or because of them), it's a really interesting finish! It's a very glowy effect giving an electric cornflower shade which I can definitely say I have no dupe of. 

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen Red, White and Hue]
With my base in place, it's time for glitter! This is Sally Hansen Color Frenzy in Red, White and Hue. This one's a fun one, because it's matte glitter, yay~ =) Obviously in patriotic shades of red, white and blue hexes of different sizes.

[Base: Sally Hansen BLU (4+ coats); Glitter: Sally Hansen Red, White and Hue (1 coat)]
And this is my mani for the Australia Day long weekend! Hope y'alls having a great one toooo!!


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