; Plisherrific: Frost Tips - Dance Legend Lebedushka

Nov 27, 2014

Frost Tips - Dance Legend Lebedushka

I really am loving everything from Dance Legend. This is 05 Lebedushka from the Anna Gorelova collection. Look at this!

[Dance Legend Lebedushka]
And look at its adorable packaging! Awwww, 'owl-ing cuteness!

[Dance Legend Lebedushka]
Okay, okay let's talk about the nail polish. Unfortunately, the application was not the best. The polish is rather thick and it takes three careful coats to even out. It's often a problem with textured matte polishes, but I thought this one was a little thicker than most.

But at least the outcome is pretty~

[Dance Legend Lebedushka]
Lebedushka is this perfect shade of delicate blue and it has silvery-gold microglitter in it. The textured matte polish gives it this perfectly icy appearance. It was lovely to look at and very nice to touch as well!


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