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Jul 3, 2014

Sea Foam - Revlon Sea Lagoon

Time for a pastel mani!

I'm a sucker for those pop up discount stores that appear every so often in Sydney. $2 for Revlon nail polishes? That's hard to resist!

[Revlon Sea Lagoon]
This is Revlon Blue Lagoon, a light blue nail polish with silver microglitter. Alas, while the silver microglitter is prominent in the bottle, it's less so on the nails. You have to be really close to your nails to see a hint of it.

[Revlon Sea Lagoon with unknown glitter topper]
To add a little something extra to it, I layered over a nail polish I picked up in Malaysia awhile back, photographed below. It's this semi-matte pastel teal and white hex and bar glitter topper. Very sweet and pretty! Nothing on the labels are in English but it's been tagged 61 at the random jewellery shop I bought it from. I think this glitter adds a nice subtle sea foam type of look to Blue Lagoon, hence the title. :)


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