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Feb 20, 2014

Summer Snow - Orly Luxe

In high Christmas spirits, we requested for snowflakes decal but they arrived in January, so this is being tried somewhat out of season. But pffft, the wrong time of the year is not going to stop me!

[Decals on Orly Luxe]
The base is Orly's Luxe, an oldie but a goodie. It's a champagne gold foil, a clean and elegant classic.

[Orly Luxe]
The snowflake decals sent by Born Pretty has a total of 11 sets on one sheet. I already used most of one set so I didn't photograph part of the sheet.

[Snowflakes decal]
Using decals are easy enough and you might have seen Ev's explanation here before. In this case, as the decals are quite small, I decided to use a few on each nail to create different patterns. It can be quite tedious work but it does look rather pretty. Unfortunately, when I was applying my top coat to seal in the decals, I dragged my brush a little too much and the snowflake on my middle finger looks like it's melting! Booooo...

[Decals on Orly Luxe]
Despite the melting snowflake, I do like how they look, and next time Christmas rolls around, it'll make for a sweet mani!

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