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Feb 17, 2014

Stamped in Steel - EpicNail Summertime Shellac Starter kit wear test

This is the last post in my review for the EpicNail Summertime Shellac Starter Kit, and I'm showing you the results of wear up to 10 days with the shade Aqua Addiction. To take a look at the kit contents, application, removal or other shades, check out my previous posts!

[Fresh application: EpicNails Aqua Addiction]
So how did we go? The photo above is from my initial application post - basecoat, two coats of Aqua Addiction, and topcoat, freshly cured.

[After 7 days: EpicNails Aqua Addiction]
This photo is after a week in slightly different lighting conditions. But the polish is still whole and unchipped. It is perhaps the slightest bit less glossy, but still very smooth and glossy overall.

[After 10 days: EpicNails Aqua Addiction]
Here's my mani after 10 days! You can see that my nails have grown a little... But the shellac polish is still going strong so I have no doubts that it will last well over 2 weeks!

I'm very impressed with the wear and it's great to not have to worry about denting or chipping especially when I use my hands so much at work. I imagine this would be great for those who need a long-lasting manicure and aren't prone to changing their nail polish every few days!

However, I did a little experiment to see how it would work if you're someone who likes changing it up a little to keep things fresh....

[Base: EpicNail Aqua Addiction; Stamping: China Glaze Millenium]
I very quickly did some stamping over the top of my 10 day old manicure, using a silver foil polish (China Glaze Millenium) and a Bundle Monster plate. I then sealed it with topcoat and let it dry.

[Base: EpicNail Aqua Addiction; Stamping: China Glaze Millenium]
Once it was dry, I used regular nail polish remover (ie. not pure acetone) and removed the stamping and topcoat from my pinky and middle finger. As I hoped, this didn't affect the shellac base, which is great because for one, you don't have to fuss too much about your base colour if you mess us the stamping, and secondly, when you get bored, just clean off the top and you have a fresh new canvas to make more nail art on!!

I hope these posts were helpful if you were thinking of trying out shellac polish. Remember, we have a code that you can enter on the EpicNail website to receive free standard shipping for any kit purchase. Just enter KITPLISHERRIFIC when checking out (expires 31st March 2014).


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