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Feb 3, 2014

Summer Lovin' - EpicNail Summertime Shellac Starter Kit overview

Hey all! Jme and I received this awesome kit from the team at EpicNail for review and we'll be roadtesting it over the next couple of weeks, so today I've got a couple of kit photos as an introduction.

This is the Summertime Shellac Starter Kit, a handy kit that includes pretty much all the important bits you need to get started with using shellac. Neither of us have tried Shellac before so this was a pretty exciting kit for us to try out! As before, shipping is amazingly fast, the team knows we want our polish in our little paws ASAP! =p The kit arrived impeccably packed in a white box with the EpicNail logo on the front.

Inside the box, everything is packed together well in separate boxes/bags. Nothing was rattling about and it arrived in pretty much perfect condition. Now what's included in the kit? You get basecoat, topcoat, 6 different colours, an LED curing lamp, plus some bonus cuticle pushers and alcohol wipes to make cleanup a little bit easier. Let's take a closer look!

Also included were two copies of an information card showing a chart of available colours (so many!) as well as instructions for application and removal. I always find it handy when instructions include images so these were great. As usual, the layout and design were very well-done and easy to understand. Click the photos to enlarge! Otherwise, check out the instructions and full range online~ =) You can also get assorted custom colour packs of different themes, which work out cheaper than singles.

Now for the lamp included in the kit... This kit includes the LED lamp, but the polishes can be cured by UV or LED. There's also a similar UV lamp kit available, but the difference is the LED lamp takes 90 seconds to cure while the UV takes 120 seconds.

The lamp is bubble-wrapped in its own box and very handily has an Aussie plug which may sometimes be an issue if you're trying to buy a lamp online from overseas. It comes in pink!

The curing area is pretty generous! At the top are various indicators for use. I'll show it in action once I've got the actual mani done and uploaded~ =)

Now, all the polishes are separately boxed, and each box has a cutaway in the front to show the contents and instructions printed on the back. You just can't go wrong! These are the top and base coat, with each bottle snugly in a plastic mould. It's really nice packaging but it might not be handy to store them this way as you'd have to pull everything out to get to the bottle.

The six colours in this pack are four cremes (Cheeky Pink, Sherbet Sorbet, Big Sky, Aqua Addiction) and two glitters (Summer Dream, Cosmo). Very adorably and usefully, they come with little rings on the lids showing the shade.

I understand that these are being phased in at the moment, so the bottle of Summer Dream did not come with one, but all the newer stock should have this. It's a pity though that you can't see the shade when it's boxed up! The nifty little coloured nail is hidden away from the box cutout.

Here are some extra goodies that Jme and I were sent to test along with the kit - acetone, alcohol pads, cuticle pushers and foil strips. You can get a handy removal kit containing some of these all packed up pretty here. I thought it was super cute that these foil strips come with a little patch of cotton attached all ready for soaking in acetone!

Can't wait to test this one out properly, but until then... check out our last review of the EpicNail nail foil kit, or head over to the website, Facebook or Instagram page to check out all manner of products and photos!

Also, we have another code for you! Just enter the code KITPLISHERRIFIC when checking out to receive free standard shipping for any kit purchase. This code expires on the 31st of March so keep an eye out for our reviews before then~ =)


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