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Feb 6, 2014

Silver Spine - Revlon Royal Cloak

I've been eyeing studs for awhile and finally gave them a go!

[Revlon Royal Cloak + studs]
Firstly, the base is Revlon Royal Cloak. It's a dusky dark purple with small silver flakes, one my favourite muted colours!

[Revlon Royal Cloak + studs]
Then I added 2mm round and flat silver studs in a row by dotting clear quick dry on where I wanted the studs to be. I sealed it all with a quick dry coat.

[Revlon Royal Cloak + studs]
I think it's a rather cool look! It was easy to do, even though I did put in the studs a little crooked on the middle finger of my right hand when I was distracted. I'm looking forward to using studs in my future manis!

Thanks to Born Pretty for sending these studs! If you're interested in getting something similar from Born Pretty, don't forget to use our discount code!


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