; Plisherrific: Gold Bar - Orly Lavish Bash

Dec 16, 2013

Gold Bar - Orly Lavish Bash

A twinkly glitter polish for the party season - this is ORLY Lavish Bash from the Secret Society collection.
[Bottle to nail: Orly Lavish Bash (2 coats over matching base)]

Excuse the strange colour of these images. The polish on my nails is quite close to how it looks in real life but I had to correct it so the background is tinged rather blue.

[2 coats: Orly Lavish Bash (over China Glaze GR8)]
Lavish Bash is a clear base jammed with heaps of tiny gold glitter and small silver holographic bars. You can wear it alone but it would have to be built up to 3-4 coats for opacity, I think. I put two coats over China Glaze GR8 which matches really well!

[2 coats: Orly Lavish Bash (over China Glaze GR8)]
The holographic sparkle is quite subtle so while it is sparkly, the small particles and overall champagne look tones it down from all-out glitter. An interesting polish, for sure! I might try it over black sometime!!


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