; Plisherrific: Field of Stars - LA Girl Teal Dimension

Dec 5, 2013

Field of Stars - LA Girl Teal Dimension

I don't have many photos of this nail polish, but it's absolutely gorgeous!

[LA Girl Teal Dimension]
This is LA Girl's Teal Dimension. I swatched another nail polish from the same collection here, and they're both lovely. Teal Dimension is a deep teal-green packed with small, irregular shaped chunky holo glitter.

There isn't much more to add to this except that I really like Teal Dimension and how glittery it is against such a rich green colour. Rather than just a straight-out normal glitter, these almost-flakes add an additional edge to the polish. :D  I'm really loving the nail polishes from this collection.

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  1. I am a fan of this collection as well - I think they're really cool :)