; Plisherrific: Fire Rose - China Glaze TTYL

Dec 23, 2013

Fire Rose - China Glaze TTYL

I appear to be going through my collection of holographic polish recently... Here's another one for y'all this hot Sydney summer!

[Bottle to nail: China Glaze TTYL (2 coats)]
This gorgeous polish is China Glaze TTYL from the much-coveted OMG collection. It's a dusty warm pink linear holographic polish.

[2 coats: China Glaze TTYL]
Formula is thin and applies like a dream. These photos are two coats, but you may need three for longer nails.

[2 coats: China Glaze TTYL]
These are quite fine particle holos so you get a gorgeous linear holographic flame in the sunlight. You can see the holo effect slightly indoors as well! A nice "work-safe" shade with added zing!


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