; Plisherrific: Magic Mims - Zoya Mimi

Apr 8, 2013

Magic Mims - Zoya Mimi

Zoya is definitely in my top three of polish brands and their glass fleck finishes are absolutely amazing! Here's Zoya Mimi, from the glorious Sparkle Collection in 2010 which includes other famous stunners like Charla and Ivanka. =)

Zoya Mimi is a vibrant purple glass fleck. Like a lot of Zoya polishes that I own, the formula is thin, but levels and builds up beautifully, leaving a glossy finish even without topcoat.

When I was younger, I actually hated the colour purple (!!). Not just any purple, at least, but one pretty close to Mimi here! I'm glad to say, this gorgeous polish has proven that I've moved past that.... =p Or it could be my love for bling overruling all other thought!

This photo makes it look like there are bald spots, but it's definitely not visible in real life. Overall, a polish I really enjoyed wearing. Beautifully pigmented and super shiny!

For another look at Mims here, check out the layering job Jamie did with Femme Fatale Party Grenade two weeks ago!