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Apr 4, 2013

Pink Lemonade - OPI The Impossible


Sorry, I just couldn't resist the dramatics that comes with this name. :P  The Impossible nail polish. It does have a ring to it, right?

[Two coats of OPI Liquid Sand The Impossible]
OPI's Liquid Sand The Impossible is red in the bottle but dries to a deep pink-red gritty matte polish. It really is rough which makes it fun to pat sometimes, heh. The Impossible consists of fine glitter, silver hex glitter and a scattering of holo glitter. You can't really see the holo on the nail. I have the mini bottle by the way, which doesn't seem to have the star glitter I have seen in other swatches. Maybe it's just really sparse in the bottle and I can't see it or fish it out.

The strange thing is that when I first tried this on, I didn't think much of it. Even though it dries relatively fast, like most matte polishes, it seems to take awhile to really settle on the nail. Hours later when I inspected it again, I found I really, really liked it! I have tried Get Your Number from the same collection and found that it was the same; I liked it better a few hours later. Maybe it's all in my head, so I'll test it out with the next one and see if I can determine what's the difference.

Now, The Impossible with gloss!

[Gloss over OPI Liquid Sand The Impossible]
Mmmmmm, delicious jelly coral red. I love it. It looks so yummy! Despite being so gritty, it actually only took one dry fast top coat to smooth it out.

I really like The Impossible. It gives pink a real edge and when glossy, it looks like a fun, summer colour. All very pretty and still work appropriate.

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