; Plisherrific: oh my purple! - essence oh my glitter!

Dec 6, 2012

oh my purple! - essence oh my glitter!

Work has been really busy so I'm going to keep this one simple.

This is essence's oh my glitter! which has recently reached Australia's shores.

essence oh my glitter!
oh my glitter! is a mid purple creme with red and blue microglitter. The brush is rather thick so you have to be a little careful with it if you have narrow nails. It was smooth to apply, and opaque in one coat. I used a quick dry top coat and that caused some shrinkage.

essence oh my glitter!
You can see the red shimmer/microglitter better here.

I'm a real purple lover so it's no surprise that I like this and will recommend it. The microglitter isn't super bright and obvious, but it's a nice extra touch to a creme polish. Plus, it's totally worth essence's low cost!


  1. Wow, this is really gorgeous! I'm not normally a fan of purple, but it must be growing on me, because I keep seeing purples I want, lol.

  2. Oh man I want this bad, I bet my Essence retailers won't have it stocked tho.