; Plisherrific: Shopping in Sydney - Essence, OPI, Jordana, Sally Hansen, Revlon

Nov 5, 2012

Shopping in Sydney - Essence, OPI, Jordana, Sally Hansen, Revlon

Okie dokes, here are some photos I took on my mobile recently, so apologies for the quality. I've left them a bit larger so if you click on them you can see everything a bit clearer! Let's get on to the latest Shopping in Sydney post!

An almost complete look at the new range of Essence Colour n Go - photo taken at Priceline Broadway last week! Disappointed that it's not the complete range of nail polish available overseas... 

A not-quite-new-ish Cosmo Cosmetics on George Street - I think it's on the same block as the Galeries Victoria, just further up north.

Revlon and Jordana, including the Jordana Glitters range. 

OPIs from $7 (for shatters) to $13... I spotted the Spiderman collection among others. Saw some OPI My Private Jet but not sure which version (I don't own either). 

Various nail art supplies also available...I didn't end up buying anything because it's cheaper to buy lots online, but if you're in a rush or desperately need something RIGHT NOW, this may be a good option.

So, in general, lots of Sally Hansen, Jordana, OPI and Revlon. Not just nail polish, but various other bits and bobs of makeup, bodycare and fragrance too. They also have brands like MAC and Korres... However, I've seen online grumbles of either old makeup stock or doubtful authenticity so exercise caution, especially with makeup items other than nail polish...!!!

Hope that helps! =)