; Plisherrific: White Opal - Hits Lambada, Ulta3 Crystallina

Nov 8, 2012

White Opal - Hits Lambada, Ulta3 Crystallina

These are old photos of a more subtle mani I was wearing, but still interesting!

[Hits Lambada over Ulta3 Crystallina]
This is Hits Lambada over Ulta3 Crystallina. Lambada is a multicoloured flakey in a clear base. The flakes are predominantly green-orange, with a hint of blue. Against a white base, it's not startlingly bright, but it still catches the light in a really pretty way. While it looks uneven, the surface is actually smooth, but the way some flakes sit on the nail can make them look a little bumpy.

[Hits Lambada over Ulta3 Crystallina]
Pretty, yes? :D  And still somewhat work safe!

Here's a picture of the base on its own:

[Ulta3 Crystallina]
That's lovely on its own. Crystallina is a soft white with a gold shimmer. This is two coats of it.

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