; Plisherrific: Floral Eyes - Essie Super Bossa Nova, Konad Special Polish White

Nov 26, 2012

Floral Eyes - Essie Super Bossa Nova, Konad Special Polish White

A mani which turned out a bit odd! From afar it sorta looks like little monsters with black beady eyes, oh dear...

[Beady little floral eyes!]
 I think I did this one at the beginning of spring and was feeling doing something bright and slightly retro... Hm

[Bottle to nail: Essie Super Bossa Nova (2 coats)]
I started with a base of Essie Super Bossa Nova from the Summer Collection. Who doesn't love some bossa nova! =) Super Bossa Nova is a bright pink creme with a bright fuchsia shimmer.

[2 coats: Essie Super Bossa Nova]
Like most Essies, gorgeous formula and excellent pigmentation. I think I used two coats here but you could get away with one careful coat (depending on the length of your nails).

[Base: Essie Super Bossa Nova (2 coats); Stamping: Konad Special Polish White]
I then stamped over it with a floral pattern from one of my Bundle Monster plates, using Konad Special Polish in White. Then I stuck on small black rhinestones using clear polish... might not have been the best addition, but oh well! I seem to do this alot... there appears to be a great divide between what I imagine when starting a mani... and what appears after I'm done! =S


  1. It looks like alien eye (makes me think of Leela from Futurama) LOL