; Plisherrific: Guess the polish!

Sep 13, 2012

Guess the polish!

Have you ever browsed through your photos and found nail polish swatches but you can't put a name to them? Embarrassingly, this happens to me all the time. So today, I thought let's play guess the nail polish swatches! These are ones which had me scratching my head until I went through my nail polish collection again.

Scroll down slowly and the answers are at the end:

Ready? Do you guys have some names in mind?

Alright, the first one is Sally Hansen HD Spectrum! I picked it up from a bargain bin and it's so pretty. In the bottle, it looks amazing. Bright blue with a colourshift to purple-gold. After realising which nail polish this is, I remember the swatches on the nails looked almost like blue-teal foil. The colour shift was sadly not as amazing. At extreme angles, you could see a hint of blurple, but that was it.

The second one should be easy since it's so popular! That's Max Factor Fantasy Fire. I think it was only difficult for me to place because I have so many purples to be honest. Since most swatches have Fantasy Fire layered over a purple creme, I was trying Fantasy Fire on its own. It takes about three to four thin coats to build to full opacity, but I love it like that. It looks so squishy, and that gold-red-green shimmer looks outstanding.

And that's it! Did you guys get it right before you reached the end?


  1. I got Fantasy Fire correct but I thought the blue might have been Orly Sweet Peacock :P

    1. I wonder if they are dupes! The big brands do tend to do dupes of each other a lot...