; Plisherrific: Ev's Birthday #3 - Jme presents... Color Club, Orly, China Glaze, Coco Allure

Sep 19, 2012

Ev's Birthday #3 - Jme presents... Color Club, Orly, China Glaze, Coco Allure

Sorry, it's been a very Ev-centric few days here at Plisherrific... =p But I just had to show my amazing loot from Jme for my birthday (which I opened just past midnight after scheduling that last post, hehe)...

[Bling bling!]
I just had to put a pic of these shinies first!! EHMAHHGERRRRDDDDDD, SOO AWESUMS. But! More on those later....

[Meow meow meow meow...]
Anyway, we were chatting online and I asked what order I should open the presents in! So the first one was this adorable set of false nails. KITTIES!! Cats are my favouritest, can't wait to try these on! As I told Jme, a bonus is that these nails are fairly narrow so they'll fit my skinny nails well without having to chop off much of the kitty image. WIN!

[I-I-It's not what you think it is!!]
I was also having a whinge a few weeks ago that no matter what perfume I use, it seems to dissipate super fast. High-end, EDP, a billion spritzes, NUP NADA. So Jme got me a bunch of these handy atomisers, yayyyy!! Now a new spritz will freshen my fragrance right up~ =)


[Duochrome, glitter and opalescence, oh my!]
Look at these beauties! These are Color Club Port-folio, Orly Angel Eyes and China Glaze Rare & Radiant!

I was unable to capture the color of the Color Club polish well because these are hurried shots before I run off to work. =( It's actually a gorgeous purple with shimmer that shifts from purple-bronze to a stunning electric green. Super sci-fi!
Orly Angel Eyes is a clear base full of blue microglitter, and scattered opaque silver opalescent glitter (hope that makes sense...).
Finally, China Glaze Rare & Radiant is that lovely green-gold duochrome that's super popular these days! These all photograph so well, ahhh~

Jme also got me three indie polishes from Coco Allure! They look so gorgeous and the glitter is sooo dense in all three of them. I was complaining that I just prepped my birthday mani and I already wannna try on all these new shinies!

The Coco Allure polish on the left is Like, Totally Pink. Super awesome name, and it's actually a pink jelly with fine gold/orange microglitter, and super dense blue opalescent glitter.
The middle one is Bootiful which is jam-packed fulled of black, orange and purple glitter in two sizes each of hexes and squares. I'm loving square glitter lately so these are awesome!!
The last one on the right is Cleopinktra, hehe. It's a mix of gold and magenta hex and square glitter in at least 3 sizes, gosh! 

Feeling so spoilt, I am!! These aren't even all of the gifts from Jme!
Thank you so much, my super duper best pal blogging buddy!! MUAKS!


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