; Plisherrific: Ev's Birthday #1 - Gingerbread Santa

Sep 17, 2012

Ev's Birthday #1 - Gingerbread Santa

This Tuesday is my birthday but catching up with friends and family already began last week so I've been pretty spoilt~ =) Today's post is just some photos from a wonderful giftbox that my partner/boyfriend's family put together for me! We also had a super delicious homemade roast dinner too, yum yum~

First was a little bag of tasty gingerbread men - I pulled this little guy out and his last button had been.. erm, misplaced so I took the picture as it was. =p

I also got a matching cookie cutter and a gorgeous sparkly card! Now onto the gifts!!!

Aaaaah, so many new things to try out and goodies to play with! I'll start with the kits...

These are the Manicare Glamnails Gel Nails System kit and the Sculpture Acrylic Nails kit. Really looking forward to testing them out, especially since I broke a nail on each hand in the recent week and have odd-looking stubbies now. I'll write up a post when I've tried these out!

Nail boards - can never have too many! And cuticle softener! My cuticles have been so raggedy these past few months even though I've piled on the moisturiser, so hopefully this will help. The portable format will definitely come in handy too.

A cuticle trimmer and pusher, also super helpful in my quest to fix up my raggedy hands. I hadn't gotten around to getting one myself, so this will be great! Also, french tip tapes for that perfect french manicure~ =)

Finally, polish polish polish! First, OPI top coat! I've only tried their Rapidry topcoat which I quite liked so I'm looking forward to trying this out. Then, two polishes which I've got more photos of just below; DS Glow and Birthday Babe << gotta love the name!!

OPI Birthday Babe - this is a silver shimmer that dries to a somewhat pearly finish... from what I can tell from online swatches! I'll let you guys now when I've swatched it myself~ I don't think I have anything in my collection like this.

OPI DS Glow - a bronzey colour with heavy gold glass fleck/microglitter. My first OPI DS! Looks amazing and glowy in the bottle, can't wait to try it out!

Heeheee, now that I've taken pictures of them... I can now crack them open and use them, yayyyy!!! Thank you so much, M + K + S + parents + cats!!! =)

I also met up with Jme yesterday and she gave me some loooooot, but I'm not allowed to open it till tomorrow, booooo!!! So look out for another update from me once I do that! =D


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