; Plisherrific: Polish Haul - China Glaze, Essence, Essie, Jordana

Apr 2, 2012

Polish Haul - China Glaze, Essence, Essie, Jordana

Hey hey hey! I'm in such a lazy mood these days! Jme and I have been guiltily avoiding updating The Plish List because I have something like *cough*30*cough* to add and she may... have more...? But anyyyhooo, here are some (not all *gulp*) pics of what I've collected in the first quarter of the year...

I've been hitting up every Target I can find to collect my Essence lemmings! I've gone to the Shire... Eastern Suburbs...and even Hay St Mall in Perth! It was all worth it though!

[Essence Vampire's Love (L-R): Into the Dark, The Dawn is Broken, Gold Old Buffy]
I managed to find old displays of the Vampire's Love collection with lingering bottles, phew! Though the name makes me cringe, these are all lovely lovely polishes - this is the finish I've been loving lately too, cremes with shimmer/glitter. <3 Anyone notice that these bottles are EXACTLY the same as the Australis polish bottles? ;D

[Essence (L-R): Shiny Godness, Mellow Yellow, Camouflage, Sweet As Candy, Rose Glam]
I also picked up a couple from the regular "colour & go" range and a french manicure polish. I picked up Camouflage and the French Glam because it was marked as "going to be discontinued" so I thought, why not!

[China Glaze: Twinkle Lights; Essence (L-R): Make It Golden, Time For Romance, Blue Addicted]
Here are some glitters I picked up... China Glaze Twinkle Lights... so festive! And through my dedicated travels, I managed to find all three of my Essence glitter lemmings! Not just that, I managed to score them for Jme too! WIN!

[China Glaze OMG: DV8, 2NITE, TTYL, L8R G8R]
Like most Sydneysiders, I set aside some time to go pick up some polishes from the China Glaze OMG collection. I've been after DV8 for the longest time. Teals have been my go-to colour since forever!

[Essie (L-R): Ridge Filling Base Coat, Da Bush, Fair Game, Your Hut Or Mine, Lion Around]
I saw that Ozsale was selling Essie on the Gumleaf Mafia page and decided to put a tiny order in for some minis from the Resort Collection and their Ridge Filling Base Coat. I already use Essie Fill the Gap! and so far the RFBC seems pretty similar. As for the Resort Collection, I'm loving these colours - they're almost all of the creme shimmer finish!

[Ozsale Rough Handling vs Essie Resort Collection]
Ozsale does have a reputation for knocking your packages around though and this is how my little box of plish arrived. One of the minis had actually fallen out of the box and was rattling about in the padded envelope. Thankfully nothing was damaged aside from the packaging but it did look quite battered! Just a word of warning if anyone is thinking of purchasing from them.

Finally, just this week, I received three Jordana Glitters polishes from a Cherry Culture order I made with Jme during another recent 20% off sale. I'm happy to say they are all fairly dense - potentially full coverage in 3 coats? Maybe 2 coats even!

[Jordana Glitters: Cosmic, Magenta Magic, LA City Nights]
I tweeted this a day or two ago but Magenta Magic is fairly easy to franken into a Revlon Scandalous/Facets of Fuchsia/Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance dupe. All you need to do is combine 1/3 Magenta Magic, 2/3 clear polish and about a dozen drops of a plain black creme to tint the base.

I haven't got swatches yet because I can't bear to remove the Lynderella I'm currently wearing but I will try to get it done soon!


  1. Well that's quite a lovely haul there! I have a bunch of those Essence colours! They're awesome!
    p.s. Where abouts in Sydney does one get China Glaze? I have never ever seen any for sale in Australia (apart from a couple in a random salon).

    1. Hi Rosie! Isn't Essence great for the price! As for China Glaze, I know of two nail supply stores in Sydney where you can get them - one is in Bankstown and the other is in Cabramatta. You can also pick them up at one of the stalls at Paddy's markets in the city! My blogmate Jme has already written up all the details (prices, addresses, stocked range, etc) for a blogpost due tomorrow so I don't want to steal her thunder.. =p Do check out all she has to say on it tomorrow!

  2. Nice score & tip on the "recipe" hehe :) Ozsale is so hit and miss, my Essies came packaged tight in bubble wrap but I know other things I have got from there they haven't been as careful...gggrrr!!

    1. Booo for Ozsale - but some of the deals are sooo good, argh! Dilemma!

  3. YAY Super haul!! :D Gorgeous polishes you got there! :D

  4. Great haul! I really gotta get me some Essence glitters... :)

  5. Awesome haul!
    Target in Rouse Hill has most of the Essences. I pick up a few each time I shop :) and there's a place just around the corner from Target that sells Jordanas. Not sure if they have the glitters though.

  6. I'm SOOO jealous! I wish I can easily access Essence brand here..

    I nominated you for the Versatile Award!