; Plisherrific: Glitter Glut - LA Splash Lime Sparkle + Sparkling Wave, China Glaze Nova, NYX Carnival

Dec 31, 2011

Glitter Glut - LA Splash Lime Sparkle + Sparkling Wave, China Glaze Nova, NYX Carnival

There's no better way to ring in the new year than with glitter! Of course, given the opportunity, I would wear glitter without needing any excuse of course... I've got four different glitters for you today! Partly because there can never be too much glitter (ahem.) and partly because these are photos from my old camera and are not as good... 

First up.. we have LA Splash in Lime Sparkle!

[Bottle vs Nail: LA Splash Lime Sparkle]
I really love LA Splash glitters, they really come up with unique and gorgeous combinations. This is one of my favourites from them - I topped up this mani so much that I made a sizeable dent in the polish level, oh no!
[LA Splash: Lime Sparkle]
Lime Sparkle is a super dense combination of bright green and gold glitter. I believe it's in a clear base but there is SO MUCH glitter that it's hard to tell. One thing about LA Splash glitters though, is that they tend to be quite thick as a result. I know some people have added thinner to help with that, and I suspect that after extended use, this may be required. It's so pretty that it's worth it though!

[Direct sunlight: LA Splash Lime Sparkle]
 A crappy unfocused photo from my iPod Touch to show the shine in direct sunlight.

Next! Another LA Splash glitter, this time Sparkling Wave:

[LA Splash: Sparkling Wave]
This formula was quite similar to Lime Sparkle, but with deep fuchsia and gold instead. While quite wonderfully sparkly, for some reason I didn't like the combination as much. The gold glitter occasionally looked like bare patches? I'm not sure why I didn't feel this effect in Lime Sparkle.

[LA Splash: Sparkling Wave]
It's still a pretty sparkly glitter though! A darker toned-down version of LA Splash Embellished (swatched here by Jme).

My last glitterrific manicure! I actually wore this during my birthday week this year - my students were mightily distracted during class... =p Also OMG,  please excuse the crazy ring fingernail there - I cut it down soon after.

This is China Glaze Nova, one of the glitters from their specialty collection. There are two sizes of silver holo glitter in a clear base - small and medium, not as large as in Medallion. I believe LA Splash Sparkling Torpedo may be finer? I'll have to check.

[China Glaze: Nova]
You won't really ever see it like in the top portion of the pic above. It's so crazily reflective that you don't need much at all, and the bare patches won't show up when there's so much blinding holo action going on!

[China Glaze: Nova + NYX Girls: Carnival]
Later, I added another layer of Nova, and then NYX Girls in Carnival on top of that. Carnival is another of the many dupes for Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday (Milani Gems, Wet n Wild Party of Five glitters etc...). At $1.99 on Cherry Culture, NYX Carnival is cheap and dense and brings the glitter to the yard!

[China Glaze: Nova + NYX Girls: Carnival]
 More shiny! I really loved the blinginess of this - perfect(ly loud) birthday/festivity/celebration manicure!

[China Glaze: Nova + NYX Girls: Carnival]
And to top it all off, another crappy iPod Touch photo to show the sparkle! And that's the end of my glitter overshare!

It's the last day of 2011 and 2012 is another brand new year! Jme and I have been having great fun with Plisherrific and hope you've enjoyed our posts so far! Have a grrrrrrrrreat one, and may 2012 bring more polish pretties! Fingers crossed everyone will jump atop the flakie and magnetic-polish bandwagon!

We'll see you in the new year!! =D


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