; Plisherrific: You're hot and you're cold: BYS Green and Bright Purple

Dec 15, 2011

You're hot and you're cold: BYS Green and Bright Purple

This seems to be the week of early Christmas work events so I don't have the time to edit new photos. However, I did dig out old photos of nail polishes that I really like.

So consider this my temporary entry on the BYS Color Change polishes! I always feel like any of those mood/colour changing jewelery and polishes are probably marketed towards kids, but frankly, I don't care! The nail polishes are too lovely to be worried about maturity! :D

My hands are wet in the first two pictures because I was trying to catch the different colours under different temperatures.

Indoors and warm: BYS Green N305
Indoors and cold: BYS Green N305
I was in a warm room and my body temperature does tend to run warm, so it was difficult to get a photo before the colour started changing again. I'm wearing base coat and top coat, which doesn't affect the polish's ability to detect temperature change.

Outdoors: BYS Green N305
This is how my nails typically looked while I was outside. The weather was similar to the tail end of winter. My nailbeds were warm, which is why it was a green-yellow, and my tips were cooler, so they were a dark mossy green. The colour difference from one temperature to another is spectacular.

These particular two shades together remind me of a Malaysian dessert called pandan kuih lapis. (I don't know the photographer, but it's one of the better pics of the dessert that I can find.) I really felt the urge to lick my nails when I was wearing this. :P  The jelly-ish green just looked so yummy!

What I like about BYS Color Change is how sensitive it is to temperature change. I've confused a few friends and colleagues with these polishes, getting comments like 'I thought this was green just a moment ago??' It also makes washing your hands and coming in from the outside a suddenly much more fun activity. Or maybe I'm just easily entertained...

Okay, here's a glimpse of another of my favourite color changers:

Indoors: BYS Bright Purple N288
Isn't that just stunning? The polish itself has a very faint shimmer, which makes it even prettier when looked at up-close.

I think colour changing polishes tend to look better when the weather is cool (but not freezing). You can really see the difference in colour on the tips of your nails if you have longer nails too.

I'll have more photos once my nails grow out again! :)  That's a promise!


  1. I have two of these! I have the Bright Purple and the one that changes from blue to green. I got them last summer and wore each once, though never got a chance to get photos of them yet! I just painted my nails with Bright Purple tonight, though it doesn't seem to want to change-although it is winter where I am and my hands are cold, that could be why!

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    Take care :)

    1. Oooh, I have both of these as well, and they're so gorgeous. I'll definitely photograph them at some point, when my nails are longer again! I find that the nail polish changes more during autumn, when it's cold enough for the tips to change but still warm enough for our fingers to be warm-ish. :)

      Will definitely follow you!