; Plisherrific: As Bright A Blue - China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Dec 5, 2011

As Bright A Blue - China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Random swatch! An older one, but still a fave. =) This is China Glaze Blue Sparrow from the INK collection. It's meant to be a bright blue neon, but with the added microglitter, it doesn't have the usual flat finish that neons tend to end up with.

[Indoors: China Glaze Blue Sparrow]
[Indoors: China Glaze Blue Sparrow]
The formula is great and the finish is really smooth and streak-free, though it needs at least two coats - I've used three here. You can see VNL (visible nail line) in my pics here but I don't think I noticed it on the nail until I looked at the photos later so I don't think it is that obvious.

[Indoors: China Glaze Blue Sparrow]
When I first swatched it, I was a bit disappointed. Where was my bright neon crazy blue??? Oh well... at least it was definitely true to bottle! But once out in direct sunlight, it definitely is an eye-catching bright blue, neon while still being medium blue and with the added dimension of all those glitter flecks! I ended up really liking this one!


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