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Nov 9, 2017

Are you feeling lucky - Mckfresh LD 62

I'm surprised that I haven't posted swatches of this yet! I got this at the Aussie Indie Con 2017, which was Australia's indie nail polish convention held this June.

[Mckfresh LD 62]
I got this lucky dip nail polish from Mckfresh. Mckfresh's LD 62 has a very pale mint green creme base and matte glitter in green, blue, black, white, purple and yellow, and in shapes of triangles, circles, hexagonals, and bars. The variety of shapes and colours somehow really go well together.

[Mckfresh LD 62]
The sprinkling of matte black microglitter and near invisible white glitter just completes the layered look. LD 62 applied smoothly and had an abundance of glitter which made application easy and pretty. No fishing for glitter required.


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