; Plisherrific: What A Stud - L'oreal Fancy Me

Jun 1, 2017

What A Stud - L'oreal Fancy Me

You can't go wrong with red, gold and studs, right?

[Metallica Red]
The base polish is L'oreal's Fancy Me. As you can see in the photo below, it dries matte.

[Two coats of L'oreal Fancy Me]
Fancy Me is a glitter polish, with predominantly red glitter and some gold glitter mixed in. The gold among the red is more obvious in real life as compared to in the photos. Probably all the red glitter just dazzles the camera into submission. You can see a little more of the gold in the photos below.

I dabbed some clear polish on my nails where I wanted the studs to go and stuck on the gold studs one by one. Then I painted quick dry topcoat nail polish over everything to make sure the studs stay on. Without the topcoat, I'm pretty sure the studs wouldn't last a day with me. With the topcoat, they lasted about a week, which is pretty good for me!

[Gold studs on L'oreal Fancy Me]
I find square studs a really easy but cool addition to manis, just to punk rock things up!


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