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Jun 29, 2017

Midnight Violet - Pretty Serious Dupe

What I've got here is a pretty shiny, pretty dark nail polish from Pretty Serious.

[Pretty Serious Dupe]
This is Pretty Serious' Dupe. As you can see from the second photo, it has a midnight blue crelly base and is chock-full of glitter. It's got blue, green, purple and magenta glitter, slightly bigger purple and blue glitter, and there's also purple microglitter throughout. The glitter combination makes the nail polish lean purple overall.

Dupe is fully opaque with two coats and to be honest, application isn't very smooth. It goes on pretty thick and gloopy, which makes it dry textured. I guess that's how you get so much glitter in one polish. So the nail polish is pretty thirsty and if you want a smooth finish like the one in my photos, you need to use some kind of top coat.

Here's my tip for getting a smooth finish for thirsty nail polishes without wasting too much of your good quality top coat. Let Dupe semi-dry, and then apply any clear nail polish of any brand on top of Dupe. It can be a base coat or any cheapy clear polish. Then, immediately apply a quick dry top coat. You'll get a smooth, non-bumpy finish. You don't need a special top coat for glitter polishes and you definitely don't need two coats of quick dry.

[Bottle to nail: Two coats of Pretty Serious Dupe]
Looks pretty fancy~

[Pretty Serious Dupe]
I do love the overall look of the nail polish and it's one of the fanciest dark nail polishes that I have.


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