; Plisherrific: Oyster Shell - Mother of Pearl Transfer foil

Jun 26, 2017

Oyster Shell - Mother of Pearl Transfer foil

I haven't done a nail transfer foil manicure in ages, even though that was my resolution this year - to master nail transfer foils, and try out all the billions of transfer foils in my collection.

[Foil to nail: Mother of pearl transfer foil]
Well, I've been slowly organising my nail art stash so I got all my transfer foils nicely organised in a box last weekend and celebrated by picking one out to try! Isn't it a beaut!

[Mother of pearl transfer foil]
I used a silvery white base polish (Color Club Pretty in Platinum), before applying a thin layer of foil glue and letting it dry for 5-10 minutes. Using rectangles of the foil which I'd pre-cut earlier, I pressed one rectangle over each nail, smoothing down the edges until the clear plastic layer lifts off easily, leaving the design behind.

[Mother of pearl transfer foil]
These opaque foils are a little bit thicker so can be harder to get to lay flat, especially on curved and/or long nails. However, this finish is so worth it! It still retains its pearly look, and the abstract design helps to hide any patchy bits. I topped this off with Picture Polish Revolution, although I think any old topcoat will do as this is not a metallic/holographic nail foil and doesn't wrinkle with topcoat application.

Unfortunately, transfer foil manis don't last very well on me, particularly as I'm always wearing/changing gloves or washing my hands at work! Ah well, it's a very impressive finish while it lasts~!!


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