; Plisherrific: Orange-sicle - Dance Legend Hen Party

May 2, 2017

Orange-sicle - Dance Legend Hen Party

Things have lightened up a little recently but I've still been too busy to attempt any nail art. I did manage a pretty sparkly untried though!

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Hen Party (3 coats)]
This is the lovely Hen-Party from Dance Legend's City Lights collection which consists of jelly polishes loaded with tons of shimmer and square glitter pieces. 

[3 coats: Dance Legend Hen Party]
Hen Party is a bright coral jelly polish jam-packed with iridescent gold square glitter and fine shimmer that shifts between blue and magenta (it's hard to tell!). All the gold glitter makes it look a lot more orange than it actually is! It definitely leans a bit more pink in real life.

[3 coats: Dance Legend Hen Party]
It's a really good jelly opacity for getting nice depth with the different layers of glitter. This was three coats because I wanted a richer shade, but two would've been enough for full coverage. I did find that this was a teeensy bit prone to flooding, so just be a bit careful not to overload the brush as it does spread all over..

[3 coats: Dance Legend Hen Party]
All these photos except the last one above were taken in indirect lighting to properly show the detail of the glitter. This last one though is just direct light and you can see that it's just super glowy.

I think this is an interesting polish, but I don't think it suits my mood at the moment. I haven't quite figured out yet what does though! We'll see...


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