; Plisherrific: Cream to Candy - Dance Legend 194[Dan

May 19, 2017

Cream to Candy - Dance Legend 194[Dan

Back to the basics, but with a little more fun involved. This is Dance Legend 194, from their Sun Shine collection. The Sun Shine collection consists of nail polish that change colour under UV rays. So its colour changing properties are dependent on sunlight rather than an increase in temperature.

[Indoors: Dance Legend 194]
The photos above are how Dance Legend 194 looks when it's out of the sun. It's a pale milky beige with pink, blue, pale gold and red glitter. Even without the UV colour changing aspects, I always love nail polishes like this, with glitter in an opaque base.

Now here are a series of photos of the nail polish changing colour when I was out in the sun.

[Outdoors: Dance Legend 194]
The first photo was from when I was under a tree, so under some shade. But it was a very sunny day, so UV rays everywhere. You can see the nail polish has gone from the pale cream colour to a pale pinkish colour.

The next three photos were taken under direct sunlight. In the second photo, you can see that the left half of my nails are a darker pink, probably because they were exposed more to direct sunlight. You can see the colour progressing to a darker pink in the rest of the photos. The last photo is as dark as the nail polish ever gets under the sun.

So it's a pale cream colour out of direct sunlight, and a bright fuchsia shade once it's under direct sunlight long enough.

I love these type of nail polishes. It's colour changing which is always fun, and the colours it goes through are lovely.


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