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Apr 27, 2017

Silver Well - Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish

What I have here is the most shiny and mirror-like chrome nail polish ever to be seen. But please, please read the post in its entirety because I'll cover off how to achieve that shine and the downsides for all this gleaming gorgeousness.

[Mirror, mirror, on the wall...]
Hello. Hi, me. Yes, you can actually see my blurry reflection with a camera in my nails. That's how shiny this nail polish is.

This is Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish. It comes in a set of two bottles, one containing the chrome nail polish and another is a clear top coat.

[Bottle to nail: Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish]
 Look at that, the nail polish very nearly matches the shininess of the bottle!

The instructions are to use the mirror nail polish and then seal with the top coat they have provided. While that produces a shiny chrome finish, it's not that much shinier than regular chrome nail polish.

The most amazing mirror effect can be achieved by using their top coat as a base coat as well (preferably with your choice of usual base coat first to protect your nails). Their top coat provides an incredibly smooth, frictionless surface for the mirror nail polish. After using the top coat as a base coat (hah!), apply a medium layer of the mirror nail polish. Don't make the layer too thin or it won't come off as glossy. When you're applying over the base coat consisting of the top coat (double hah!), it will seem like you're pouring silver paint on your nails and they seem to almost spread out on their own.

It's the most amazingly glossy mirror finish ever. Just look at this picture:

[Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish]
Isn't it stunning?

If you don't seal it with the top coat, the mirror shine will be at its peak and it will be glorious. But it will likely only last a couple hours. So you get the amazing shine, but with the shortest lifespan ever. Then it starts to chip and lifts like it's practically leaping off your nails.

If you seal this beautiful mirror nail polish with the provided top coat, the nail polish will last longer (but not by a lot, as warned by Born Pretty), by which I mean it was maybe a day or so before I started seeing the varnish lift at the corners. But the nail polish is slightly less shiny with the top coat on. In fact, the top coat is unforgiving if there are flaws and will serve to highlight any scuff marks, or less than perfect brush stroke.

Here, you can see the nail polish with their top coat applied.

[Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish]
It's still got a beautiful chrome finish, but it's not the unbelievable mirrored finish, as shown in the previous photos.

Born Pretty's Mirror Nail Polish is undoubtedly gorgeous and eye-catching. But the short life span means you can't do very much with it. You could maybe wear the mirror-like shiny version for a dinner outing that lasts a couple hours. Regardless, I'm still glad I bought it just to experience the mirror shine.


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