; Plisherrific: Triangulate This - Rimmel It's Lush, Born Pretty BP-L010, Hit the Bottle Spun Gold

May 9, 2016

Triangulate This - Rimmel It's Lush, Born Pretty BP-L010, Hit the Bottle Spun Gold

Today I'm reviewing the second of the two stamping plates I received from Born Pretty for review - this is plate BP-L010.

[All angles]
...and here's the design I used from it! 

[Bottle to nail: Rimmel It's Lush (2 coats)]
I started with a base of Rimmel It's Lush from their Salon Pro line. This is a green creme with lots and lots of silver shimmer. It's quite similar to Sinful Colors Mint Apple which I also have - I think Mint Apple may have just the slightest bit of blue to it in comparison. 

[2 coats: Rimmel It's Lush]
This was a great shade, very easy to use formula and opaque in two coats. Quick drying and shiny, but I topped it off with topcoat as usual.

[Born Pretty BP-L010]
Now here's plate BP-L010. As usual, it comes is a pretty cardboard sleeve and with a blue protector film.

[Born Pretty BP-L010]
Here are the designs, with the film removed. Look at all the pretty tribal-inspired patterns! There's even a floral swirl, one that could double for a Fair Isle type sweater design and even some arcane(??) designs, just to mix it up! 

[Plate to nail: Born Pretty BP-L010]
The design I picked was the one on the top row, second to last from left. I wanted something fairly dense as my nails weren't very long.

[Bottle to nail: Hit The Bottle Spun Gold; Base: Rimmel It's Lush (2 coats)]
I stamped this with Hit The Bottle Spun Gold - a pale gold stamping polish that worked really well against the green.

[Base: Rimmel It's Lush (2 coats);
Stamping: Hit The Bottle Spun Gold, Born Pretty BP-L010 ]
Not the most unique colour combination, but I like how it turned out! I've seen some lovely stamping manicures done over gradients using this plate so I'd love to try that out in future.

Here's a quick trial of some of the patterns from the plate - excuse my wonky stamping, squishy stampers are squishy! I just had to try the animal ones, as well as the swirlies~

You can purchase this plate at Born Pretty here, and don't forget to use our 10% off discount code above!


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