; Plisherrific: Stamp To The Beat - Ya Qin An #17, Born Pretty BP-L027, Essie Butler Please

May 26, 2016

Stamp To The Beat - Ya Qin An #17, Born Pretty BP-L027, Essie Butler Please

Woohoo! You're looking at my first successful attempt at stamping!

[Stamped Pattern: Ya Qin An #17
Base coat: Essie Butler Please]
So previously, I was using some crappy stamping kit I got off the interwebs, complete with crappy stamping polish. It did not go well. I gave up on stamping for a good long while, but now I've decided to try again!

I have here a few stamping tools for review now. Everything in the picture below is from Born Pretty, except for the Essie nail polish.

The pattern I chose is the rightmost pattern on the first row of Born Pretty's stamping plate BP-L027. If you click on the picture to see it in full size, you can sort of make out the pattern. I love the patterns on the stamping plate and the plate comes in such pretty packaging too.

Now, aesthetics aside, on to the stamping!

[Essie Butler Please]
I used Essie's Butler Please for the base coat. It's a beautiful mid cornflower blue shade.

[Stamped Pattern: Ya Qin An #17
Base coat: Essie Butler Please]
And here's the stamped nail art again, using Ya Qin An #17 stamping nail polish. Not bad, hey?? I really like how neat it turned out! Using a good stamping nail polish and a good stamping plate really makes a difference.

The clear jelly stamper from Born Pretty is a pretty smart piece of work too. I forgot to take photos when I was stamping so I did a quick fake stamp now so you can see how it looks:

[Clear jelly stamper]
It's not the best stamps because I was in a rush, but I think you get the gist of how the stamper works. The stamper's stem is hollow all the way through, and the usual rubber on the end is a clear silicone. When you stamp, you can see where to position the design on your nails from the back of the clear jelly stamper. The stamper made life a lot easier and it transferred patterns well. My one gripe with it is that the clear jelly rubber keeps falling out of the stamper's stem when I clean it. I think I'll use a little bit of glue to solve that. Oh, and Ya Qin An's stamping nail polish works a treat too!

Okay, now for some honesty. The above isn't really my first successful stamping attempt. This is:

[Stamped Pattern: Ya Qin An #17
Base coat: Essie Butler Please]
I stamped my left hand first and I was still struggling to work out the details like do I need to scrape the pattern multiple times and how quickly I should be stamping it and how to roll the stamper on my nails. As you can see, there's a lot of mistakes here! And I obviously tried more than one pattern. It's a mess but I needed to go through that to figure out what works so it was worth it. You have now seen my shame!

Overall, I really loved the results. I just need to figure out how to contain the mess, but I'm guessing practice will help with that. You're probably going to see more stamping posts from me!

You can buy the stamping plate here (it's on sale now!), the clear jelly stamper and scraper here, and the stamping nail polish here, using our 10% discount code above! :D


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