; Plisherrific: Splash n Spray - Zoya Charla, China Glaze GR8

Oct 5, 2015

Splash n Spray - Zoya Charla, China Glaze GR8

Here's an old bunch of photos that I dug up! So, usually I start off with a photo of the finished product, but this time I decided... let's just stick to the gorgeous base. I'm setting the tone here.. =p

[Bottle to nail: Zoya Charla (3 coats)]
..and what a gorgeous base it is too! One of my favourite polishes and definitely a big factor in getting me into polish years and years ago, this is Zoya Charla. Many companies have some version of this shade and Jme has even done a dupe comparison with one of them!

[3 coats: Zoya Charla]
Lovely shade, good formula. I think I used three coats here to get the colour as dense as possible.

[Base: Zoya Charla (3 coats); Water spot: China Glaze GR8]
Then I did some funky stuff with it! What was I thinking! This was a while ago, mind you. So if you haven't yet guessed what it is, this was my first attempt at the water spot manicure!

Basically, you drop polish on a water surface (such as with water marbling), before misting a fine spray of alcohol over the top to create the spots (holes) in the polish film. You then dip your fingers in as with water marbling. I probably used China Glaze GR8 for the gold... I don't remember anymore what the champagne shade was!

Now that I've reminded myself that this technique exists, perhaps I should make another attempt soon...