; Plisherrific: Pixelated - Milani Sugar Rim

Oct 16, 2014

Pixelated - Milani Sugar Rim

What a yummy mani!

[Top coat: Milani Sugar Rim
Base: Black base for index finger, clear base for other fingers]
Milani's Sugar Rim has a great mix of glitter, with blue being the predominant colour. The polish has matte pale blue, yellow, red and black glitter. The pale blue glitter is slightly larger than the others. Scattered throughout are pale gold metallic flakes. The flakes are harder to spot because they're so light and there's less of it, but you can see a hint of them catching the light on my nails.

I used a black base for my index finger, and the rest are all on a clear base. Against a black base, I think the glitter does stand out pretty well. Without the base, the polish is still pretty opaque at three coats. I did a layer less for the middle finger's nail and you can see the 'bald' spots on it. I like the polish against a clear base too, it just gives it a lighter look. Overall, what a fun mix of glitters and colours!


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