; Plisherrific: Galactic Gleam - Dance Legend Milky Way

Oct 6, 2014

Galactic Gleam - Dance Legend Milky Way

It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and I got some gorgeous gorgeous birthday pressies from Jme! Here's one of them!

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Milky Way (3 coats)]
This is Dance Legend Milky Way, an amazing multichrome shimmer with a generous dash of holo glitter to boot! As you can see in the bottle, this is mainly a purple to aqua duochrome but you do get a hint of bronze at extreme angles. Now, multichromes are usually a bit of a disappointment on the nails, but check it out on mine!

[3 coats: Dance Legend Milky Way]
The aqua flash is actually a lot more green-leaning in real life but no less stunning. The purple edges are also completely visible all of the time! No contortionist acts required to find any hint of colour shift...

[3 coats: Dance Legend Milky Way]
 Here's another photo showing the purple-aqua colour shift at different angles. But wait, there's more!

[3 coats: Dance Legend Milky Way]
Yep, there's that bronzey green on my index finger right there. Again, this shift is perfectly visible to the eye - now that's what I call a multichrome!

Formula-wise, this was a thin formula, slightly prone to flooding but easy to work with nevertheless. I used three thin coats for this mani. You could get away with two, but three really deepens up the shade beautifully. Dry time was pretty fast and this polish dries glossy as well, although I did use a topcoat in the pics above.

The holo glitter really contributes to the "galaxy" theme! Note though that the holo flash is not too strong, but that suits me perfectly because the star (ha!) here is the amazing multichrome. This one's a winner!


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