; Plisherrific: Night Thrills - HITS Twist

Sep 1, 2014

Night Thrills - HITS Twist

My photos this week don't do this gorgeous polish justice! Let me assure you that this is lots better in person!

[Bottle to nail: HITS Speciallita Twist]
I'm talking about Hits Speciallita Twist! This is a deep blue jelly jam packed with blue-to-green duochrome flakies. Check out that bottle shot!

[ 2 coats: HITS Speciallita Twist]
It takes a bit of finagling to work with because the formula is slightly thick, which I think is partly because of the amount of flakies jammmed into the polish. With a bit of patience, the results are worth it though.

[ 2 coats: HITS Speciallita Twist]
I also like that the jelly base does apply too dark and the flakies manage to shine through. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the colour change on my nail and it was definitely not as visible indoors at night under artificial lighting. Outdoors though, this polish just comes to life. This is definitely one polish that changes its looks depending on the lighting!


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