; Plisherrific: Lucky Dip - Aphrodite Lacquer, Coco Allure, LA Girl, Nabi

Jul 7, 2014

Lucky Dip - Aphrodite Lacquer, Coco Allure, LA Girl, Nabi

Oh dear, this edition of glitter skittles is going to test my memory... let's see what we've got!

On either side, we have two sheer coats of Aphrodite Lacquer Don't Copy Me. I previously posted about this, so check out the post to see what it looks like as a full mani!
In the middle is a happy glitter mix of two Coco Allure polishes - Bootiful and Cleopinktra. Bootiful is a mix of black, orange and purple glitter in two sizes each of hexes and squares. I showed a skittle of Cleopinktra last week, a mix of gold and magenta hex and square glitter in different sizes. 

Aaaand here's a close up of Cleopinktra over a black creme, then topped of with LA Girl Flamboyant, a mix of small and large orange hexes.

[Left] Hmmmm.... evidently a duochrome over black, topped off with...? I have no idea!!
[Right] Not sure what the base is, possibly the same duochrome over black, topped off with LA Girl Incognito and Nabi Party Mania Glitter. Incognito is a mix of small blue hexes with scattered large silver hexes. Party Mania Glitter is a deep blue jelly base with blue, gold, silver, yellow, magenta and green hex glitter. I previously did a skittle with it, but it looks so different depending on which colours you manage to pick up on the brush!

Phew! This should be the last skittle post for now, back to regular full manis next week!


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