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Feb 7, 2013

Flamingo Camo - OMG Nail Polish Strip Review

Today, I have nail polish strips from OMG Nail Strips, and a few tips on how to apply them (like I'm some professional or something, hah!)

Onwards to the strips! :P

[Camouflage Nail Polish Strip (Pink)]
I rather like how these strips turned out! The nail polish strips were thin and easy to apply. The end product looks nice and smooth. You can see the pixels of the print from up-close, but you have to be pretty close!

A couple more photos before I go on to the tips!

[Camouflage Nail Polish Strip (Pink)]
I think they look pretty spiffy and it's pretty simple to apply for patterns I'm too lazy to produce using nail art.

Ok, here we go with the tips! Strips tend to be very thin, so I recommend using a similar-ish colour as the base coat (something I did not do, and you can see a little green peeking through at the tips of the nails where I stretched the strips a bit too much). You want your base coat to be fairly smooth because this strips are thin!

The instructions at the back of the package says to remove the transparent protective layer first before you apply the sticker to your nails. I find there are actually two methods you could go with:
  1. Per instructions, remove the transparent layer, peel the sticker off its backing and stick it to your nails. This method means it's easier to stretch the strip over your nail and it applies with no wrinkles. The downside is that because the polish strip is so thin, it can be a bit floppy and difficult to align to your nails properly. I accidentally destroyed one strip because I removed it one too many times when trying to get it right. 
  2. Leaving the transparent layer on, apply the sticker to your nail. You can still stretch it a little across your nail. Then remove the plastic layer. With the plastic layer on, the sticker is a little stiffer and easier to align to your nail. The downside is that because it doesn't stretch as much with the plastic on, one or two wrinkles might appear at the edge of your nail. But once you remove the plastic layer, you can actually push out the wrinkles and they should become flat and smooth again. In the last photo above, I used this method on my pinky finger and it's pretty smooth.
The usual tips: Use the edge of a metal ruler to remove any excess on your skin, and the rough side of a buffer to buff off the excess from the tips. 

With nail polish strips, I use a top coat to seal it in so that there are no rough edges and it lasts longer. It won't last long at all without top coat! The instructions also say to use UV top coat, but I don't have any. Quick dry top coats can emphasize the imperfections (if you have a small hole on the strip, it can widen it) and if the top coat tends to bubble, it can make holes in your strip. I used Blush-Amour base coat to seal the strips, and then Jordana Quick Shine Top Coat over the lot for extra gloss and protection. You can test your top coats on the leftover strips to check for negative effect. My nail polish strips lasted five days without any peeling. :D

Alright, I'm done with my essay! This nail polish strip was sent to me for review by OMG Nail Strips. You can find them on their Facebook too.


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