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Feb 21, 2013

Celebrate the Change - SolarClub Festival

I have Festival here from SolarClub's Ruby Wing collection, a set of color changing polishes. SolarClub is produced by Forsythe Cosmetics, who is the manufacturer of Color Club as well. The bottles used are the same as Color Club's, except the nail polish bottle cap is of an antique gold colour and it has a pretty Ruby Wing polish tag. Very nice~

Now, onwards to the polish!

[Indoors: SolarClub Festival]
Under normal indoor lighting, SolarClub's Festival is this insanely gorgeous, holographic nail polish. Look at those diamonds on my nails, daaaaamn. Festival is a slightly-tinged-lilac silver holographic glitter polish that applies smoothly.

[Under direct sunlight: SolarClub Festival]
Under the direct sunlight, it changes to a deep holographic purple glitter instead. While the colour change happens quickly, you have to be under direct sunlight for it to happen.

[Under the shade while outdoors: SolarClub Festival]
This is after the the nail polish was under direct sunlight. I was in the shade but still outside. At first, I wasn't sure if it had returned to its normal colour, but it's obvious in the photos that it's actually more purple when compared to being completely indoor.

At $10 a bottle, the Ruby Wing polishes are pricier than Color Club's usually cheaper range. Personally, I like it, but I only have one more from the collection. Do you have one and do you think it's worth its price?

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