; Plisherrific: Halloween Loot - Halloween Challenge #10: Trick or Treat

Oct 30, 2012

Halloween Loot - Halloween Challenge #10: Trick or Treat

Unfortunately, I was rather uninspired for this challenge and to be honest...I was rather keen to try on my new polishes rather than do nail art, haha! Anyway, here's my weak attempt at Trick or Treat.

So it's treats all the way! I do apologise for inflicting this terrible nail art on your eyes. :(  I'm much better at eating sweets than drawing them. This was done freehand, but I do wish I had used something else instead of Sally Hansen Black/Noir to draw them because the lines are so thick!

The colours used for the sweets are: Revlon Modern Grace (lavender), Mode Hook Me Up (blue), Mode Glamazon (purple), Mode Sweet Harmony (pink), Orly Heartbreaker (red), Essence Viva La Green (green), and Revlon LilyChrome (silver). I put on a coat of unnamed Borghese polish that consists of multi-coloured glitter for a sprinkling of sweet shininess. The star on my pinky finger was an attempt at another glitter which didn't quite work out...

As for the base:

[Base: Orly Orange Punch
Glitter: Amy's Nail Boutique Pink Lemonade]
I actually wanted to post just the base for Trick or Treat, because I think the base actually looks like delicious hard candy. It's a combo of Orly Orange Punch, which is a bright, bright orange, and two coats of Amy's Nail Boutique Pink Lemonade on top. Pink Lemonade consists of yellow and pink matte glitter. The result looks delicious to me!


  1. I think this turned out great! And the base looks yummy on it's own :P

  2. I think it turned out great! I don't think I can free hand candies so I used a stamp instead lol