; Plisherrific: Ev's Birthday #4 - Jme presents... LA Splash, LA Girl, Cheeky, Nail Pattern Boldness, Aphrodite Lacquer

Oct 10, 2012

Ev's Birthday #4 - Jme presents... LA Splash, LA Girl, Cheeky, Nail Pattern Boldness, Aphrodite Lacquer

Get ready for crazy picspam! I have been so super spoilt for my birthday this year... I saw Jme again the other day and she had EVEN MORE presents for me. They'd arrived a bit later than she expected, but to me it's like, birthday extension?? Oooh yeah, bring it on~ =)

I couldn't resist putting together this gorgeous macros of some of the indie polishes... but before we get to those, here are a couple other things!

Nail stickers... "WITH SHINY"! Jme knows me so well, lol!

[LA Splash: Golden Moss; LA Girl Glitter Addict: Celebrate, Incognito, Animate, Flamboyant]
Now, Jme was super sneaky and was all like, "Hey, let's order from Cherry Culture!" ..then when I sent her my list, she was like OKAY, I'M BUYING IT!" .... Soooo SNEAKY!! Anyway, from L-R up there, here's what I got! LA Splash Golden Moss, then LA Girl Glitter Addict in Celebrate, Incognito, Animate and Flamboyant. So many shinies!

[Cheeky Jumbo Nail Art Plates]
... and then Jme got me a bunch of CHEEKY XL JUMBO SUPERBIG MASSIVE STAMPING PLATES, OHWOWWWWW~!! I cannot wait to try these out, but at the same time, they are so beautifully pristine that I can't bear to break them out.... Eeeee~ =)

Now... on to the indies! Check out these babies!

[Nail Pattern Boldness]
From nail pattern boldness, I got Flipping Out Hard and I Believe I Can Fly. Look how amazing they both are!!

[Nail Pattern Boldness: Flipping Out Hard]
Flipping Out Hard is in the same general ballpark as Nail-venturous Floam but the base is a bright fluoro yellow and it looks like an even amount of yellow and blue matte glitter in the mix (compared to more blue in Floam - swatched here). The glitter is super dense too! I reckon opaque in two coats~ =)

[Nail Pattern Boldness: I Believe I Can Fly]
I Believe I Can Fly is amazingly gorgeous. That mix of glitter together with the rich blue jelly base is utter genius! There's silver and pale blue squares, and smaller purple and red hexes (?). The combination gives amazing depth and is opaque in two coats. Can't wait to wear this as a full mani!

[Aphrodite Lacquer]
Jme also gave me two polishes from Aphrodite Lacquer - Don't Copy Me and.... Custom..? That's right, I GOT A CUSTOM POLISH ZOMGGGGG, AAAAHHHHH~!! *runs around the room flailing*

[Aphrodite Lacquer: Don't Copy Me]
Don't Copy Me is a shimmery white jelly with black squares and tiny hexes. Depth is amazing as you can tell! I'm actually wearing this right now! Two coats is pretty good, but as it's a white jelly, it's still a bit translucent. You can probably go for three coats if you want complete coverage. The black glitter tends to settle, but it's fine after a good shake, no real need to go fishing.

[Aphrodite Lacquer: Custom polish]
Custom is miiiinnneeee, alllll mineeee!!! What a gorgeous mix! There's white, magenta and black squares, and lots of tiny lavender hexes... but not just that... hidden in the mix are these masssive purple hexes... you can see one peeking out at the bottom of the bottle in that shot above. The polish is chock-full of glitter and there's no issues getting a bunch out, but to get the super large ones require a bit of fishing. Super gorgeous, though... The question is... what polish undies to wear underneath! Oh, decisions...

 ...Finally! An adorable little piggy basket to store all my goodies in!! Thank you so much, Jme!!! Super spoilt to the MAAAAXXXXTREEEEEMMMMEEEEEE!!!! =D


  1. love those polishes ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. That's the cutest basket I've ever seen! :D
    Great polishes you got :)

  3. Woah...those macros are so pretty... Very nice shots of the glitter!

    And you're welcome, bb. :)