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Jun 8, 2012

Friday Favourites - Orly Au Champagne

I have all kinds of white nail polish - creme, shimmer, jelly. They're very useful for nail art and layering, but this one, I loved wearing on its own!

[Indoor: Two coats Orly Au Champagne]
I don't like anything that is too chalky white, and I do find some white nail polish tend to be a bit streaky - it's an unforgiving colour I feel. However, Orly Au Champagne is gorgeous to apply and gorgeous to look at. It has a clean, subtle white shimmer, and dries semi-matte. On its own, it looks like clean, powdered snow!

[Indoor: Two coats Orly Au Champagne]
With a coat of gloss over, it looks just a little bit brighter, and pretty in its own way. You can click on any of the photos for a better look at the shimmer. My index finger in the above picture has a little topcoat on the skin which is reflecting in the light. Ugh... Sorry about that.

[Outside: Two coats Orly Au Champagne]
It looks just as clean and nice under natural lighting. From far away, you can't see the shimmer, but the nail polish still has a softer look to it than you don't see in whites as solid as this one.

[Outside: Two coats Orly Au Champagne]
What's strange about Au Champagne is that in its bottle, it's actually quite...bleh. It's an off-white, almost beigey colour and looks old. On the nails, it's so much cleaner and whiter. Straaaaaange.


  1. pretty!

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  2. What a lovely shade! :)
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  3. I've been trying to guess whether the post is by you or ev each week, by the words and the pictures but no success so far.

    But this is a nice shimmery white!