; Plisherrific: Completely Dotty - Mode, Bys, Ulta3, LA Colors

Jun 30, 2012

Completely Dotty - Mode, Bys, Ulta3, LA Colors

This is my nail art entry to Concrete and Nail Polish's Nail Art Contest. The theme is a nail art that we think she'll like. I have noticed a trend on April's blog towards blue and pink manis, as well as freehand nail art. I thought dotticure nail art would be something she might find interesting then!

Nail polish used here:

Blue - Mode Hook Me Up
Pink - Bys Colour Change Bright Pink
Black - Ulta3 Black Satin
White - LA Colors French White

The mani started as the following:

This is obviously an indoors picture, because I do most of my nail art at night. I did half of these with tape, and the other half freehand. It's a little bit shakier freehand, but not too noticeable and I'm really just too impatient to wait for the polish to fully dry before I can use tape, even with the use of fast dry topcoats.

After that, I just went wild with the dots.

I dropped a blob of nail polish on a plastic 'palette' - or anything plastic, really - and went crazy with my dotting tool. I need steadier hands, and I really should get an extra dotting tool because I'm trying to make smaller dots with a tool that isn't catered for dots that small.

I don't plan a pattern, but I try one out on one nail first and then, I just replicate it to the others. They look similar, but they're not exactly the same because the size of my nails vary too much. I thought it would be interesting to leave the accent nail a little different.

My thumbnail was something different, because it was waaaay too wide compared to the rest of my narrow nails.

I need more practice with dots!


  1. This is gorgeous...I don't think I have the patience to sit down and do it though, lol.

    1. It's therapeutic! :P It actually goes a lot faster after the first nail, cause I just copy the same pattern then.

  2. Beautiful texture.. And that thumb nail is just stunning!

    1. Yaaaaay, glad to hear that, thank you!