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Feb 24, 2012

Shopping in Sydney! - Revlon Matte Suede, Just Tinted, Metallics, Perplex

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On that note! Shopping for Sydney girls! In the past few weeks, I've picked up a couple of Revlon polishes around the city area for cheap. Here they are...

The first four, Metallic and Matte Suede in Emerald City, Fire Fox and Ruby Ribbon (L-R) were purchased in a rummage bin at Broadway Shopping Centre ground floor for $3 each! When I was there yesterday, there was plenty of all the above still available, as well as Revlon Perplex and Black with Envy (potential Chanel dupes).

Here's the image I posted earlier on Twitter! The black lids with silver strips are the Matte Suedes.

I haven't got swatches yet, but I did some paper swatches so here's my impression of these. Metallic is an extremely loaded silver foil. Fire Fox is a matte jelly with red shimmer (so it's not a full matte, hence the suede). Red Ribbon is a deep dark matte plum with heavy silver shimmer.

Emerald City is pretty interesting because from what I can tell, it's a faded forest green matte suede... and a potential dupe for OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow (Suede). That means it's going to be dupe test time again soon!

The last one, Revlon Just Tinted in Dawn is a semi-sheer coral jelly. I purchased this for $3 as well at Paddy's Markets, Haymarket. The Just Tinted range is still available at full price in drugstores so this is a pretty good bargain! The seller had all four of the range - Dawn, Victorian, Mystical, Desire, available when I was there last weekend. =)

Also, Ulta3 polish is now $2 per bottle, how awesome is that! My local Coles has also started stocking some of the colours as well. Temptation is everywhere... =p

Anyway, I hope that was helpful for all you Sydney polish enthusiasts! I plan to take lots of pics when I'm out and about to put up on our Twitter so do follow if you're interested in what's available and where great deals are to be found!


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