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Feb 29, 2012

Housekeeping - The Plish List, Gumleaf Mafia, BlogChicks, OH MY!

Hey everyone! Today is more of a housekeeping/tidy/hurrah post. Jme and I have been trying to post more, and branch out from just swatches or reviews.

You may have noticed that last week we took the leap (finally!) and now have Facebook and Twitter account for Plisherrific. I've also tidied up the sidebar some, added proper links to our About Us and Contact page (and cute social media icons!).

I did try installing CommentLuv but didn't like the look of it. If anyone has any tips on how to modify the comment code so it allows commenters to leave their blog URL (or a linkback), that would be awesome!

I've also converted the Plish List from a post format to a page of its own so it doesn't get lost in the post herd. Remember, on the Plish List, we list almost all the polishes we own and tick off swatched/reviewed polishes as we go.

It's a handy resource to check if something has been featured and to let us know if you have any requests! I would have liked to include links to the relevant post page but I think we use some too frequently to make that practical.

How adorable is Blingy Bill!

Aside from that, in February, Plisherrific became a part of two Australian collectives - the awesome Gumleaf Mafia and the more general Australian Women Bloggers Directory.

The Gumleaf Mafia has been so absolutely invaluable in letting us know what's going on, not only in the polish world, but also particularly for us Aussie girls - I thoroughly recommend being a part of it if you happen to run an Aussie polish blog!


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