; Plisherrific: Hexes on Bars - Color Combos CTW 507, The Skin Food BW701

Feb 9, 2012

Hexes on Bars - Color Combos CTW 507, The Skin Food BW701

So I'm buying all these random polishes I have never tried before and I just must share!

[The Skin Food BW701]
The Skin Food BW701, a Korean nail polish, is a velvety black with a silvery shimmer. What's strange is that in the bottle, I can see blue and pink microglitter too, but they aren't visible on the nail. While a pretty black, the polish is actually a little goopy and hard to deal with sadly. I do have a couple other polishes from the same brand and they all vary in quality.

[Color Combos CTW 507]
There was another polish I really wanted to try out; Color Combos CTW 507. I have never heard of Color Combos before but I found this in SaSa for around AUD1.30 and the label says it's made in France. CTW 507 has tiny hexagonal and bar glitter in a light purple jelly base.

[Top: Two coats of Color Combos CTW 507
Base: One/two coats of The Skin Food BW701]
This is Color Combos CTW 507 layered over The Skin Food BW701. Aaah, I can't stand it, the polish is so pretty! The purple jelly doesn't show up against black, but interestingly enough, I did a quick and dirty swatch of CTW 507 over pink polish, and it does give the pink a purple hue. I'll swatch that properly when I have the time.

The glitter has a blue-green-gold trio-chrome, which is really eye-catching. I think the different shaped glitter makes the mani really stand out.

[Top: Color Combos CTW 507
Base: The Skin Food BW701]
Multiple angles to show off the pretty hues! I didn't need a topcoat over CTW 507. It dried smooth and shiny.

I really like this polish, and I think it's a great buy. I wish I had gotten more Color Combos while I was at the shop!


  1. That glitter is so mesmerizing...

    1. It really is! I wish I bought more bottles of it. :D