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Jan 19, 2012

Autumn In Summer: Revlon Ornate Ore, Nyx Algae, Nyx Milk Chocolate

What are these strange selections? These colours seem better suited for autumn, but I just had to buy them when I had the opportunity.

Base: Revlon Ornate Ore
Tips: Nyx Girls Algae
So, I love the combination of brown and green on clothing during autumn. Not that it shows in my wardrobe. :P  But I really wanted to try it as a manicure. I think it turned out alright. Right?? O_O

Anyhow, the base is Revlon's Ornate Ore, a limited edition shade, the bottle tells me. It's a lovely dark ash-brown micro-glitter, littered with pink and green microglitter for that extra zest. A funky colour, in my opinion. It's not completely opaque even after two coats. For the tips of the French manicure, I used Nyx's Algae, a dusty green shade I love.

I did the French manicure freehand, which shows if you look at it closely. But I really was too lazy to whip out tape for this.

Base: Revlon Ornate Ore
Tips: Nyx Girls Algae
I matte-fied the manicure on my right hand using Essie Matte About You. I think it looks rather cool like that too!

Here's another random swatch, because it feels like I slacked off on photos for the above mani:

Nyx Advanced Salon Formula Milk Chocolate
I bought Nyx Advanced Salon Formula Milk Chocolate because I was hoping it would be a chocolatey brown version of Nyx's Femme, as swatched here. I made this decision based on the photos on Cherry Culture. Alas, it is far from being a shiny chrome.

However, Nyx Milk Chocolate is still a rather pretty deep brown with the faintest shimmer of gold. It's darker than the colour as seen in the bottle, and while the gold shimmer is obvious in the bottle, it's barely visible on the nail. I think it makes a lovely, woodsy autumn polish, so I'll be saving it for when I'm in an autumney mood.

Nyx Advanced Salon Formula Milk Chocolate
Under lower lighting, the shade of the polish can look very dark. It's an interesting colour if you prefer to stick to work safe shades.


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