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Nov 11, 2011

Salon At Home: Nyx Femme, Be Jeweled, Gilded Glitter

My first two swatches are from the Nyx Advanced Salon Formula collection, and I quite like them.
[Nyx Advanced Salon Formula Femme]
Nyx's Femme is a very pretty and classy silver polish with a touch of lavender-grey. I thought it would be a foil polish, but I don't think this is a foil. It's closer to a chrome polish, but shinier, and looks like it has an extra shimmer. In any case, I really like it!

[With Nyx Advanced Salon Formula Femme bottle]
Femme is easy to apply, dries smooth and you can get full coverage with just one coat. No topcat for this one.

[Nyx Advanced Salon Formula Be Jeweled]
My camera really was being strange for this collection. There are no bits, bubbles or bumpiness in any of the manis, but my camera might be picking up a reflection of some sort through the shiny surface of the polish.

In any case, Nyx's Be Jeweled is a gorgeous blue-green duochrome with dense gold micro-glitter giving it that shiny golden sheen. This is definitely a dupe for Zoya's Charla, but how close is it? Well, that's for another post, when I have Charla on! :)

[With Nyx Advanced Salon Formula Be Jeweled bottle]
Two coats were enough for full coverage. These pictures are all taken under indirect sunlight. Look at the polish in the bottle, isn't that gorgeous? 

The next few photos are from the older Nyx Girls collection.

[Nyx Girls Gilded Glitter over Nyx Advanced Salon Formula Be Jeweled]
I couldn't resist trying out Nyx Girls' Gilded Glitter layered over Be Jeweled.  Gilded Glitter is a clear based polish with assymetrically shaped solid gold flakes (not duochrome flakies). Among the bigger flakes, there are actually finer tiny flakes which will give manis a gold tint.

Don't my nails look like they could be used as a reference picture for dragon scales in some fantasy book? It's rather gaudy, but such an interesting look!

[With the Nyx Girls Gilded Glitter bottle]
It took four coats to get such dense coverage, but I did have rather long nails then. While it dried rather smoothly, I used Orly In A Snap topcoat over this because it's really hard for polish to dry all the way through when you layer on so many coats.

I thought I would try Gilded Glitter over something lighter.

[Nyx Girls Gilded Glitter over Carlo di Roma's white glass fleck polish]
I broke a nail on this hand so they're all rather short here. Gilded Glitter on its own has a golder/yellower look, and there's no way to cover my tips since it's actually a clear polish. So I thought I would try layering Gilded Glitter over a thin, white glass fleck polish. Works rather well I think! It's a very clean look, while still being quite interesting and shiny.

[With Nyx Girls Gilded Glitter bottle]
I got a few rather nice comments on this polish at work. This is two coats of Gilded Glitter over Carlo di Roma's very light, white unnamed polish.

There seems to be an identical gold polish from Nyx's Advanced Salon Formula line, and it's called Gold Glitter. I don't see any difference between Gilded Glitter and Gold Glitter from the pictures, to be honest.

If you're thinking about buying Nyx nail polish online, I suggest checking out their website for their pictures. You can click on the pictures for larger versions and those are much better than the swatches on Cherry Culture.

My next post will be a comparison between Zoya Charla and Nyx Be Jeweled. See ya!


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