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Nov 8, 2011

NYX Advanced Salon Formula Polish - Enchanted Forest, Delectable, Forever Young

NYX recently released a new line of nail polish - the NYX Advanced Salon Formula nail polish.

Lots of comments have already been made on the familiar shape of the bottle! The shades as well include many apparent dupes of popular colours from other brands, and a lot seem to be similar (re-named) shades from their NYX Girls range (eg. Zoya Charla = NYX Girls Sea of Cortez = NYX Advanced Salon Formula Be Jeweled). Jme has posted a dupe test for Charla vs Be Jeweled!

[L-R: NYX Advanced Salon Formula - Enchanted Forest, Delectable, Forever Young]
Both Jme and I purchased some in our last Cherry Culture order and hopefully some dupe tests will be up soon! But for now... have a quick look at my three - Enchanted Forest (NPS 184), Delectable (NPS 137) and Forever Young (NPS 156).

[NYX Advanced Salon Formula - Enchanted Forest]
Enchanted Forest - An apparent Zoya Ivanka dupe, mid-green jelly base with green glass fleck and larger gold microglitter. I'll post up a swatch comparison between Ivanka and Enchanted Forest soon! I had to colour-correct this as the camera was picking up the blue hint quite strongly as you can see from the previous photo. But I'll tell you more in the dupe post...

[NYX Advanced Salon Formula - Delectable]
Delectable - I picked this up on a whim, not quite knowing what it would look like but it's pretty gorgeous! A bright pink with gold glass fleck through it.

[NYX Advanced Salon Formula - Forever Young]
Forever Young - A dusty salmon pink with GOLD FLAKIES of irregular shape and size. Understated and flashy all in one go! I'd love to get swatches of this up sometime soon!

From what I can tell, it's looking pretty good! I don't know if it justifies the price doubling compared to the NYX Girls range. The Advanced Salon Formula is a 15ml bottle compared to the NYX Girls 10ml, but several shades are easily found in the cheaper NYX Girls range. For dupes of higher end brands though, I'm sure this will provide a much more viable (and easily obtained) option.


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